How two turn $400 into over $14,000… and other stuff.

Friday, March 9th, 2012


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Business Badassery

What's Cracking...

Holey Moley Builders -

This week I learned how fun it can be change a flat tire, I was on the highway in a beat up van from Rhonda (an APs sister in-law) and POP it went out and we went swerving and then gently glided against the railing.  I was oddly surprised to hear the music still blaring right afterwards.

{Twilight Zone-ish Stuff} One day several years ago I almost got ran into a median at 70mph - I most likely would have died - by a drunk driver, but I Thankfully made and it the SAME song was playing... it has become one of my favorites; “If I could turn back time...” by Cher.

Anyway - everybody’s okay and I hope you are well.

Here’s what in this Injection:

===> How two brothers turned $400 into $14,000 and the exact secret they used

===> The monk who could FLY... this is why almost nobody every grows their company by 10x

===> Two words means an extra $10,000 in a week?  (and other Builder Brilliance from within WBE)

And whole lot more... like $16 muffins, lap dances for charity and how smiling can double your business.

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Badass Trivia: What luxury has been served in the U.S. Senate since 1904?
(first 19 correct answers get... three gold stars! answers on last page)


Empire Episodes:
A Million Dollar Model

Each one of these is guaranteed to bring in at
LEAST $10,000 - $30,000 a month

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The (Unnecessary) Cost of
One Man's Obsession.

Obsession is a gift, this guy changed the world with his...

Charles had a life riddled with failure and what
many would call bad luck.  He failed at several
business ventures and was deathly ill and
imprisoned for his debt before his real trouble

Always looking for a new business angle he
was introduced to a type of elastic, it had
many uses but the material was too unreliable
to be taken seriously.

That’s where Charles’ obsession began.

He began experimenting with the elastic
constantly.  He borrowed money from friends
and acquaintances and anybody else who
would listen.

Always in debt with failed experiments, he
was in and out of prison and detested by
creditors.  When he ran out of money he sold
his wife’s jewelry, their furniture and other
belongings and moved them into a boarding

When his son died of malnutrition he
didn’t have money for a coffin.

But the elastic experiments went on and
became dangerous -

They almost killed him. Whenever something
went right or a business of his would start to
succeed, something always seemed to happen
and Charles and his family were penniless

Finally, after years, Charles did figure out the
secret to making the gum elastic more useful -
by “vulcanizing” it, this idea would change
the world but given his history none of his
contacts believed in him.

One day Charles got news that his
daughter was sick

He went to visit her but as he arrived at the
train station he found she had already died.

He immediately collapsed and was rushed to a
hospital where he also died.  Penniless and
over $200,000 in debt.  Not a “happy” ending.

When I think of his story I’m always taken
back at the cost his obsession had on his family
and how different his life would’ve been if...

...he learned the skill of being a Transaction
(the skill of making money) - I think
everybody has some obsessive brilliance in
them that can change the world, but too many
people think it involves the kind of risk Charles
took, it doesn’t have to.

Most people aren’t doing anything they really
care about it - it doesn’t cost much money to buy
back your time; when you no longer do stuff for
money and you can focus on your passion; you
can afford to be obsessed and not the “starving”

Before Charles died his idea was bought, but he
didn’t make any money and about 40 years after
his death an unrelated but inspired Ohio man
named his company after Charles.

The vulcanized gum elastic that changed the
world is known as rubber.  Charles’ full name:
Charles Goodyear.

Learn to buy back your time and afford to be
obsessed with your passion:

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The Big Bad "MFM":
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Imagine (legally) stealing the best ads, scripts, letters and other
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Getting paid (a bloody fortune) to "sell" them to other people

Each month Builders get a brand new MFM piece - the EXACT
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People doing cool shit with out stuff "How to Turn $400 into

How to Turn $400 Into $14,000?

This comes to us from Rich and Tim Lade and they used an article from a previous Injection as his inspiration to focus marketing budget on only the biggest and baddest clients.

“Instead of spending $1,100 we took $150 and focused it on the best clients and then we followed up with the best responses... a total of $400 was invested to get the $14,000 sales...”

With a better than 50% margin on their computers they are now trading $400 for over $7,000 in net profit - brilliant and easily replicable by anybody... this is also a great way to TF other companies.

Rich and Tom did that after going through Injection/Episode HERE.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg - apply to become a Builder
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(I make sure that all the stories above are from people who went
through our FREE stuff so anybody can do it...

... but the excerpts below are from within WBE)


What Builders are Talking
About Right Now in WBE:

Here's just a taste of what's Builders are talking about right now:

===> How can staring at somebody grow your client list in less than 12 hours...

===> A big secret to getting ritzy stores to send you their richest clients and paying you for it...

===> How can two simple words make an extra $10,000 in one week?

===> Using a radio song and a (BLANK) to save a deal and make a quick $12,000

===> Using a simple (BLANK) to make more money in one week than all of last year



The British Monk Who
Could Fly...

(The secret to giving your company a 900 year
head start.)

A British monk named Eilmer was obsessed with an idea.

Something considered impossible.

He was discouraged, insulted and threatened for his
work, but still he continued.  He wanted to do the

To Fly.

His notes and experiments were about to become
famous because one day - going against the advice
around him - he climbed the monastery and...

He jumped.

But instead of crashing to the ground his witnesses
saw something beyond their comprehension -

Eilmer flew

He went about 600 feet and although his abrupt
landing wasn’t perfect, he proved that it could be

And he was smart enough to know what his
mistake was, he put it in his notes;

He needed a tail.

That would never happen though because his abbey
made him chose between flying or being a monk.

He stopped flying.

Sometime later two brothers built upon this work
and are credited today as the pioneers of human
flight; the Wright Brothers.

BUT the Wrights’ gliders were made of material
that had been around for centuries so it could have
been made much earlier.  They built “the tail”

The amazing thing is that Eilmer flew 900
before the Wright Brothers.

It took 90 centuries before anybody would look at
Eilmer’s work and take the next logical step - a step
he made clear in his work.

An obvious connection that took 900 years to make.

Every company I’ve ever seen as a “tail”; an obvious
connection that would put them centuries ahead
(not just of their competitors) but they usually miss
it, don’t look for it or - worse...

They don’t believe it exists.

Find the tail, it’s always there.

Always?  Yes ALWAYS!


Want go get better at finding “tails” for your
business and getting 900 year jump starts?
This is your chance to change everything -
Qualify and apply to become a Builder here:


- News -
Sent in by you.


Using these kinds of stories in your marketing can boost your
compliance gaining by over ten times.  So be creative and
find the connection because (it’s always there and) it
will make you smarter...

Taxpaying American?
Ever pay $16 for ONE Muffin?

A new report shows a habit of “extravagant” spending by the US Justice Department meetings - including $16 for muffins and $5 for a single meatball.  One meeting can have a budget of over $400,000.

Lesson: I get BS emails all the time about how “patriotic” taxes are (as if the sender/s are qualified to make that distinction) and I agree that a $16 muffin may not save the world BUT... how do you anything is how you do everything.  Paying taxes is one thing, trusting Big Brother to spend it correctly is... fu**ing stupid.
The story is here.

Lap Dances for Charity?

A club in Chicago will give lap dances in exchange for donations of toys for children.  Enough said.

Lesson: I haven’t confirmed this but I’m pretty sure this was an idea started by our good friend Sunshine (on our Team) because he had worked tirelessly in that... industry.  This is also one of the biggest secrets to raising private money - I’m serious.  According to one report they “raised” five carloads of toys worth of donations.
The story is here.

Man Leaves Millions To...

James H. Davidson Jr. of Florida willed his $1M historic home to the U.S. government to help with the national debt.

Lesson: There are thousands of people just like this who have millions and want to give it away and our CXM studies have shown they are twenty times more likely to invest in a business that supports their cause than the cause directly... lesson: get better at business building and money will flock to you.
The story is here.

Special thanks to Van, Wayne and Anita for the stories.


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[WBE Answer from Last Time:
A desert is defined by the amount of annual precipitation.
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