The anti-capitalist who forever changed marketing, how this guy pulled in over $41,000 in a couple of hours, how to do deal with gang bangers in the middle of the night and more…

Friday, March 9th, 2012


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Business Badassery

What's Cracking...

Here’s a question that always get attention, I want you to think about this for a second:

“What’s the hardest thing in the world to lie about?”

Years ago my boss (and now Wall Street fat cat) Turner forced me to get trained on reading facial expressions and understanding how emotions affects them.

I recently spoke about this and whenever I do people always remember the “hardest lie”, the answer - and this is from over 100 years of research - the toughest lie is to convince somebody that you care about them.

Lotsa reasons but mainly because once you know somebody cares they have massive influence over you - so much that you innately want to be careful who you give that power.

Amazingly it doesn’t matter much or if they like/care about you, they just need to know you care about them - how I’ve seen companies triple almost overnight: (don’t fake it) focus on the clients you like/care about the most.

Here’s what in this Injection:
===> Why I always remembered what my aunt said to the gang bangers
===> The story of the anti-capitalist who gave his away product - and still made a fortune AND forever changed ALL marketing
===> Walk out of your doctor’s with $41,000? How about making people 20 times friendlier (and other Builder Brilliance from within WBE)

And whole lot more... like BS wealth stats/propaganda, cool news for one of my favorite singers (yes I’m SERIOUS) and brilliance from K-mart...

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Badass Trivia: What is the largest desert in the world?
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Exactly how many ghettos
are there in America?

This is part two, when we left our hero (me) was in the car as his aunt approached arguing groups of gang members...

I’ve always remembered her reaction, she looked at him the way you would a child who threatens to put you in time out. She smiled and answered:

You call this a ghetto? You’ve never seen a real ghetto, your ghettos are my Beverly Hills. None of you know a real ghetto.”

When they saw how serious she was and how far they would have to go to shut her up, they moved - everybody moved. Today I realize what she what she meant; there are no ghettos in America.

Everything is relative.

Having lived with no electricity, running water or even walls, I can comfortably say there are no ghettos in America. The “worst” places in America are galaxies better than where much/most of the world lives. I know many readers aren’t in America - but the Western world is all based on us. Here’s the lesson, take this sentence:

“There are no ghettos in America.”

Now replace “ghettos” with...

Tough times, lack of opportunities, bad economies, slow markets, bad markets, money shortages, bad times, government problems that you can’t fix, impossible goals... you get the idea.

There are no (BLANK) in America.

It builds gratitude. A parent at a YEC of ours (Young Entrepreneurs Club) had a conversation with one of our star Kids, Georgia:

HIM: I’m all for pulling yourself up the ladder, but the ladder has to be there, our ladder has been stolen.
HER: There are no stolen ladders in America. (notice the substitute)
HIM: Well I never saw one, none of us did.
HER: Did you look?
HIM: ...
HER: What I mean is how hard did you look before you quit? Is it possible that the ladders are there for all of you, but it was you that failed to see them?

This has become a mantra for our Team.
There are no ghettos in America.


The Big Bad "MFM":
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Imagine (legally) stealing the best ads, scripts, letters and other
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People doing cool shit with out stuff "Walk out of your doctor's
office with

This comes to us from Tom Rollins and he used an article from a previous Injection as his inspiration to talk with the doctors that he was visiting (anyway) with his day job as a pharma rep.

“One group loved the idea of being promoted as authors so much and was so fed up with their marketing results that they want to reinvest their entire marketing budget into this...”

From two doctors alone they are reinvesting over $41,000 into getting this done properly. Tricia and Mille on our Team have seen similar results - helping professionals like this become well marketed “authors” is worth a fortune...

Tom did that after going through Injection/Episode HERE.

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(I make sure that all the stories above are from people who went
through our FREE stuff so anybody can do it...

... but the excerpts below are from within WBE)


What Builders are Talking
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Here's just a taste of what's Builders are talking about right now:

===> “How to make people 20 times friendlier?”...

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What's One Piece of
Guidance Worth...

(how an anti-capitalist forever changed marketing.)

In the 1890s a traveling salesman had big dreams.

His name was King

His passion was to change the world and create a
Utopian society where one company basically ran
the world.

He was something of an anti-capitalist

His day job was working for the very successful
inventor of the bottle cap - Will Painter.

He asked Will for advice

Will said that the secret to getting rich was to
sell something that people would throw away
and buy more of.

King spent years on this idea

He understood that he needed a disposable
product - so he would make list after list of
his ideas.

Nothing cut it

This is where most people would’ve quit -
but NOT King -

Finally, one morning...

He got his breakthrough. He came up with
a product that was perfect - and he would
revolutionize all business...

For over 100 years to come

He came up with something so brilliant that
he wouldn’t even sell it - he would give it
away and STILL make fortune

This Model is one of the most powerful
business ideas EVER

He is (wrongfully) given credit with inventing
the model, but he brilliantly borrowed it from
his competitors after his patent ran out.

So what’s the model?

The Freebie Model
(give away the razors and sell the blades)
And it all started with one piece of advice given
to King Camp Gillette.

Are you one piece of razor-sharp
guidance away from untold fortunes?
This is your chance to change everything -
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- News -
Sent in by you.


Using these kinds of stories in your marketing can boost your
compliance gaining by over ten times.  So be creative and
find the connection because (it’s always there and) it
will make you smarter...

These Six People have More Money
Than 30% of America?

BS Propaganda: Six members of the Walton
family (Wal-Mart) have more wealth than the bottom
30% of Americans.
Reality: If you have one dollar in your pocket and
no debt you have more wealth than the bottom 25% combined.

Lesson: Lesson: These kinds of headlines and
articles can feed the anti-capitalist movement. Yes the Waltons’
$90 billion fortune is badass, but since the bottom 25% have little
to no net worth (assets - liabilities) these “statistics” are
misleading at best....
The story is here.

Attention Kmart Shoppers:
You Might be a Builder

Across the country Kmart shoppers are paying off the layaway
items for strangers. I’m not saying they ALL started doing this
because of our GXM (to the right) but... others are.

Lesson: I love this kind of sh** and whatever your
situation you MUST check out our GXM and SS page
( and learn about what
may be the biggest secret to Business Badassery; giving.
The story is here.

#1 Search Term of 2011:
Rebecca Black

Google reported this and I’m thrilled about it.
I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Black. You should be too.

Lesson: I wrote about Rebecca - and the
embarrassing way she was treated - in a previous Injection (HERE)
this is a great study of negativity (she even had death threats so
severe authorities were involved to investigate) and the SAME
emotion so any capitalists deal with from their friends and family.
We should all support Rebecca Black.
The story is here.

Special thanks to Jace and Anita for the stories.


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