How to grow your business by working with homeless people.

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


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What's Cracking...

This week I had to get a new water gun because Zazu bear
was getting touch with Eago baby - she wears the pants
in the relationship.

It’s funny because she hates the gun and quickly learned
how far to move to be out of range based on how many
pumps she hears.

Brilliant.  Very impressive.

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Exactly how many ghettos
are there in America?

When I was growing up I once lived with an uncle. He and his wife owned a small convenience store.

(A pause as we hear the walls of stereotype fall.)

Sometimes in the middle of the night gang-bangers would stop in, mill around and try to steal
stuff. My aunt would hear nothing of it, she would cuss them out, poke them in the chest and even drag them out of the store by their collars.

I was only a child but even then I thought it was strange, looking back now I realize how crazy it
was to have sat there as armed men threatened to come back and kill us - while my aunt called their bluff.

This is the kind of stuff my brother and I joke about now.

One day I asked her if she ever got scared.  She said that these people were coming to steal from
us and the only reason others didn’t stop them is fear, then she said something about fear that I never forgot:

“Don’t be scared of what happens if you do,
be more scared of what happens if you don’t.”

One late night...

While driving home we saw two rival gangs in our apartment’s parking lot.  They were screaming
and pushing each other and it looked like a gunfight was about to break out.

They were blocking the entrance to our apartment.

My aunt told me to stay in the car.

With no hesitation she walked in the middle of the gangs and politely asked them to get out of the
way.  When that didn’t work she ordered them to move and started pushing them out of the way.

One man got in her face - he had a strange combination of surprise and threat in his voice - and
asked “Do you know who you’re fu**ing with?  You aren’t from around here but we were born and
raised in these projects, we’re from the GHETTO!”

I’ve always remembered her reaction, she looked at him the way you would a child who threatens
to put you in time out.

She smiled and answered:

(To be continued in the next Injection...)


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"Homeless Guy Makes Me
$7,125 a Month?"

Brian “Dicks” (that’s what it read...) was just a mere mortal before
employing this tactic of badassery - he found a new way to get calls
(Consumers) for his real estate business:

“I followed the exact instructions and started having
homeless people hold my signs, it started working the
first hour...”

He worked with a local shelter so they profit too, from the 11 solid
calls in the first days he made a net of over $7,125 in the first 30
days - and he has twice as much on the table that should come in
over the next few weeks.

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One Woman Against the Entire
Roman Empire... (she almost won.)


What kind of difference can ONE person make?
About 2,000 years ago a wealthy king died but instead of his wife and two kids benefitting from his estate - the Romans forcefully took all his land, called loans due and humiliated his family name.

Queen Boudicca (his wife) argued -
so she was criminalized, tortured and her daughters were raped.  Left to rot, penniless and during a time when women were treated as slaves at best - she did the unthinkable and changed estate laws for the next 200 centuries.

She fought back... mercilessly
She built an entire army and animated them with her rage - they had a mission: make the Romans pay. She took no prisoners - Boudicca raided cities and slaughtered people by the thousands -

Slaughter is an understatement.
They would hang, burn, torture, and publicly starve the residents.  Women were impaled with their breasts cut off and stitched over their mouths.  She killed an estimated 80,000 people as they went from city to city.

Boudicca’s legend grew.
The Roman forces retreated from London before she even arrived - she still killed everybody they found there and burned the city to the ground so severely that today’s archeologists have found layers of ash that are three feet thick.

The Romans were terrified.
Her story sent a message to ALL empires on the treatment of family and woman of fallen soldiers - because of her new estate rights were developed... she did this two thousand years before women’s rights.

Boudicca’s story is still legendary -
in the UK and Rome (they never forgot) and it shows how far one person can go - with the magic ingredient that makes anything possible... emotion.

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Using these kinds of stories in your marketing can boost your compliance gaining by over ten times.
So be creative and find the connection because (it’s always there and) it will make you smarter.

Parrots Get Their Own Law?
Kevin Alexander is in court for allegedly collecting a $5,000
deposit for two Macaw parrots (the big pretty ones) and not
delivering, his crime is being called “Parrot Fraud”.

Lesson: One of our peeps who works with our Parrot Adoption
Agency (Wendy Lawson) was involved with this and I’m not
saying that it’s because of us that this happened but...
The story is here.

Hitman Falls for Target
After falling in love with the woman he was hired to kill a hitman
faked her death and lied to his employer, who later found out and
called the police claiming the money was stolen.  All three are
being questioned by authorities.

Lesson: I’m a sucker for love stories, and this is straight out of a
movie.  Five Gold Stars for the first person to use this in their
marketing and send their story in.
The story is here.

$8 Million Dollars from a Couple of YouTube Videos?
Our very own Herschel Brenson helped work on the first ideas
and viral videos for Orabrush, since then the once-struggling
sales are over $8M and they just got signed to be carried in
nearly 3,800 Wal-Mart stores

Lesson: Builders will recognize this as pure LMM or a CXM
with a twist, the owner of the company made a brilliant move
that anybody can do...
The story is here.

Special thanks to Walt, Herschel and Anita for the stories.


A Million Smiles and
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